Black Belt Testing and Extravaganza

Over 30 students and instructors endured 8 hours of training and testing Saturday, February 26th, as part of their black belt progression. In addition to multiple members of the IMA family earning advanced black belts through many years of dedicated training, one member of our family was also awarded the title of Sensei – making this that weekend one of the most memorable in IMA’s long history.

A special congratulations to Sensei Kelara Madani for achieving her Sandan, 3rd degree black belt and earning the title of Sensei! Thanks also to all of the black belts and instructors who helped with the Dan testing and to all of the friends and family that came to support the students.

We also were happy to celebrate other satellite dojo students from New York, Utah and Nevada achieving their new level of black belts.

The same evening, all black belts celebrated their achievement by making demonstration in the form and Kata, Sparring, Self-Defense and others. The dojo was filled with many members and parents and friends that evening and everyone was happy to have this celebration gathering after couple of years.

Please join us to congratulate:

Jr. Black Belts:

Isabelle Schmidt, Ashton Levine, Sasha Trask, Ellie Hus, Asher Echery


Connor Swanson


Kelsang lama, Abinash Baruwal, Phuntsok Yolmo, Helen Cartwright, Mario Rini, David Hsu and Elijah Gilca


Talan Gover


Collin Scherba & Kelara Madani


Kamran Madani & Parkhi Rai


Duke Altschuler & Ciprian Arcalean