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Developing Karate Athletes
of the Highest Level

Welcome to IMA Karate

Our karate family invites you to join us to develop the highest level of technical and philosophical skills in Traditional and Sport Karate.  We welcome dojos, clubs, and other organizations to learn about our unique methods of teaching karate for all ages and abilities.

If you are looking for strong and non-political karate organization, the International Martialarts Association (I.M.A) has built a reputation for producing students and instructors of the highest standards for over 35 years.

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News & Announcements

  • Rocky Mountain Championship

    Rocky Mountain Championship

    Tournament time is quickly approaching, and we want to ensure everyone has the best possible experience they can. IMA dojo has several highlight events throughout the year and the annual Rocky Mountain Championship is one of them. Having our students participate in this event is not set up to discourage or bring negative feelings regarding…

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  • January 2024 Newsletter

    January 2024 Newsletter

    IMA thanks you for all the support throughout 2023, and we are so proud of everyone’s growth and development throughout the year. Have an amazing Holiday Season! Get all the news!! We will now be sending out monthly update emails that highlight everything that is to come in the coming month so you can stay…

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Kyu Testing:
May 18th

Dan Testing:
June 29th

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Join IMA Honbu Dojo in Louisville CO

Many factors make IMA Karate in Louisville, Colorado a unique place to pursue the study of martial arts for you and your family:

  • Conveniently scheduled, year-round training classes
  • Convenient location for Boulder County and Denver residents
  • Competitive monthly fees with no contract required
  • World-recognized instructors for students of all levels and abilities

IMA Competition Team

The dojo has an elite competition team that trains as hard as any high school sports team and routinely has athletes winning major tournaments and even competing for spots on the US Olympic team.

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Student Resources

Whether your interest in karate is simply a means of improving your physical fitness, helping yourself gain focus and concentration or working to compete at the highest levels in tournaments worldwide (currently, 6 IMA students are members of the US National Team!), most of the the information you’re going to need can be found here.