For Instructors and Coaches

The IMA organization offers numerous seminars and training sessions to assist Karate Senseis (Instructors) and Coaches develop top level athletes and to prepare those athletes for competition at regional, national, and international levels. Seminar topics include:

  • The differences between traditional and sport karate, and the advantages of each
  • How to generate inner power and strength in karate techniques
  • Developing speed and agility in kata & kumite at any age
  • The development of appropriate training programs for competitors all ages and abilities
  • Becoming a successful coach for youth and adult students
  • Ring management and refereeing techniques for competitions

For Organizational Leaders/Owners/Operators of Karate Organizations

In addition to the support you’ll receive for teaching, training, and helping your students successfully compete, the IMA organization offers several seminars on the successful management of karate dojos, karate clubs and larger karate organizations. These seminars include:

  • New and updated methods for teaching students of all belt levels
  • The development of successful manuals to be used for both Kyu (color belts) and Dan exams (black belts)
  • How to train your instructors and staff to be more effective in helping to operate your business
  • Training yourself physically and spiritually to be an effective instructor and role model for your students
  • How to develop new, successful karate programs in your community
  • Managing multiple karate facilities
  • Teaching your students remotely
  • Managing a successful karate dojo/s club/s or organization
  • The basics of owning your own dojo
  • Instructor certification
  • Official Dan grades, registered in IMA’s headquarters

Interested in learning more about the benefits of joining the IMA Organization? Contact our office at 303-665-0339 to speak with Hanshi Cyrus Madani to receive the IMA Organization Membership Package.