The World Games is an 11-day sports celebration held in the year following the Summer Olympic Games. The Games represents the highest level of competition for more than 3,600 international athletes and 30+ unique sports. At the pinnacle of sports and entertainment, Birmingham, Alabama takes center stage July 7-17, 2022 to host The World Games 2022.

Karate has been in the program since the first edition of The World Games in 1981, always with the same two disciplines, Kata and Kumite. Karate makes its appearance in this prestigious competition after Tokyo Olympics.

The top 8 athletes from each weight category are selected to face each other in the round robin format in two pools. Upon completion of first round that consists of all members of each pool fight with each other, the top 2 of each pool fight in a semi final matches and then for bronze and final matches.

Our own Sensei Kamran was selected as one the athlete representing USA in -84kg. He had 5 fights and after beating the former world champion from Croatia, won the bronze medal in this prestigious Olympic style competition.

He also managed to graduate with a Master degree in sport psychology two days prior to this major competition. We are so proud of this young man who is a true inspiration and great example of perseverance and hard work!

Click on below link to watch Sensei Kamran match and medal ceremony.

Karate Day 2 – Session 3 | Birmingham 2022 World Games Replays (