Thank you all/ Update

Dear IMA members/parents,
Thank you so very much for a wonderful week!

As most of you know by now, we started our virtual classes last week and had all positive feedback from everyone who reached out.
Although for some young ones it might be something being hesitant about it, but believe or not it’s a lot of fun and awesome training. Please give it a shot.

It is also fun to interact with each others over the screen and with our new development we now dividing the group by belt and assign them to work with different instructors.

Our dojo fun time also is engaging our young ones to have some fun and get something to do while staying at home. Attached, please find the new beltsfor tomorrow (Monday). Please also gather some plastic straws for tomorrow activity. See you on line at 10:00am Monday through Friday.

We will also make an announcement for our upcoming belt testing as well during regular classes. It’s very exciting!

We would like also to ask each one of you to spread the news to those who do not know about our virtual training and encourage them to join the regular classes.
We are in it together and will continue training to have a strong body and mind!

Be safe by washing hands and keep social distance.
IMA staff