I.M.A. Dan Testing & Summer Potluck

On June 18, many of I.M.A. Jr. and Sr. students and black belts from Honbu dojo and other branches will get together for another black belt testing experience.

Many years of hard work and dedication will award each one of these dedicated karate-ka to achieve next level of their progress. The testing will start at 8:30am and will last several hours.

All I.M.A. members and their families are invited to join us for a potluck celebration in the afternoon at the below address:

Whitetail Park, 2550 Autumn Ridge Blvd, Lafayette

Directions from the dojo: Take 93/42 HWY (back of dojo) to South and turn east; pass Louisville cemetery; turn right on Autumn Ridge Blvd. Park is on your right side. Call 303-817-9754 if you can’t find.