I.M.A. at the USA Karate National Championship

I.M.A. Honbu dojo was represented with 6 athletes at the 2011 USA Karate National Championship and Team Trial. Since the end of the school year, Michael Ford, Jax Martinelli, Kamran Madani, Jacob Peters, Lily Martinelli and Kelara Madani spent many extra days at the dojo and trained to prepare themselves for this intense competition.

The outstanding performance by each one of them resulted of placing in the USA Team for the upcoming Jr. Pan American championship in Brazil and World championship in Malaysia. Michael Ford placed gold medal in 18-20 years old -68kg, Jacob Peters placed bronze medal in 12-13 years old -35kg, Jax Martinelli placed silver medal in 16-17 years old elite Kata competition and Kamran Madani placed gold medal in 14-15 years old -70kg. Kelara and Lily did a wonderful job in their division but their age category did not allow them to be eligible to place for the USA team trial.

An unfortunate incident in the kumite matches made Jax forfeit his match. In the semi final, during a take down exchange with another fighter, Jax Martinelli broke his leg bone and could not continue his match. We are very proud of his and everyone’s performance and wish Jax a speedy recovery.

Our congratulations go to all members of our national team who did a fantastic job!