23rd Annual IMA Unity Tournament/Potluck

Once again, it is our tradition to finish the year with our IMA Unity Tournament.
The purpose of this tradition is for IMA students and IMA friends from different locations to meet each other and have a nice, friendly gathering. This friendly competition is designed for all ages and levels (white to black belt).
In addition to the tournament, we will have our annual Holiday Party Potluck, (a free event) with dinner entertainment by our very own karate-ka at 6:00 pm. (cocktail attire).
This is a “Do Not Miss” event! The party will be at the Honbu dojo on Saturday the 10th, the same day as the tournament.

Please download the following information, fill out your registration form/s and submit it to the IMA Honbu dojo office no later than December 5, 2016.