2015 National Championship

I.M.A. Honbu dojo was represented by 10 athletes at the 2015 USA Karate National Championships and Team Trials in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
2015 Team
Ewan Albright, Alex, Zachary & Vince Quiachon, Kamran & Kelara Madani, Kate Nakasato, Brandon & Kyle Sheridan and David Muhammed trained for many extra weeks and days at the dojo to prepare themselves for this intense competition.

Each I.M.A. competition team member had an outstanding performance. Kamran and Kelara won Gold and Ewan placed bronze medal on the Jr. team trials. David and Kamran both made it to bronze medal in the Sr. Team trial divisions which qualified them to compete next February for 2016 USA Sr. team trials.

Kamran and Kelara will represent United States Karate in the upcoming Junior World Championship in Indonesia in November, and Kamran will be also competing at the Pan American championship in Bolivia at the end of next month.

They both had the privilege of competing on the stage for the finals on Sunday night with a live broadcast over the internet. They both successfully defeated their opponents and earned the Gold medal.

The results of the four days of competition are as follows:

  • Kamran Madani: Gold medal in kumite team trials (representing USA in kumite)
  • Kelara Madani: Gold medal in Kata & kumite team trials (representing USA in Kata & kumite)
  • Ewan Albright: Bronze medal in kumite team trials (reserved member for USA in kumite) & Bronze medal in Team Kumite
  • Zachary Quiachon: Gold medal in kata
  • Alex Quiachon: Silver medal in kata
  • Vince Quiachon: Gold medal in Kumite, Bronze medal in kata
  • Kate Nakasato: Gold medal in Kumite, Silver medal in kata
  • Brandon Sheridan: Bronze medal in Kata & kumite
  • Kyle Sheridan: Silver medal in kumite
  • David Muhammed: Bronze medal in kumite
  • Our big thanks and a round of applause go to our coaches: Thai Sheridan, David Muhammed, Vince Quiachon and Kamran Madani, and all members of our national team who did a fantastic job!