Rocky Mountain Gasshuku

Our 23rd Annual Rocky Mountain Gasshuku, took place at Silver Creek Inn in Granby, Colorado; home of our first gasshuku and the many years that followed. Mother Nature smiled upon our return providing participants from several dojos in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Missouri, Texas, New York, Kansas, New Jersey, Arizona, California and Florida with beautiful weather for training. On Friday and Saturday, students worked hard learning new kata, sparring and self-defense drills. Saturday evening was a warm gathering of close to 170 students and their families and instructors for dinner, a talent show, and dancing. Our Elite and Agility kumite training on Sunday gave the students an opportunity to learn how to be faster while using the new techniques they learned.
Also, our parents did benefit a fitness class led by Sensei Madani on Sunday morning prior heading back home.
IMA Competition team fund raising parents had a great idea to raise some money for our team by providing the parents and some of athletes coffee and snacks in the morning and during the short breaks.

IMA would like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to all the students, parents, out-of-state sensei and participants, and IMA’s very own Hanshi Madani, Sensei Madani for their efforts in making this the best camp ever.

Our special thanks to our honor guests Coach Chad Eagan, Sensei and world champion Saeid Ahmadi and world and European medalist Sandy Scordo, with many years of experience teaching many national teams around the world who came all the way from different regions to help our participants develop better techniques.

We also would like to thank our special guest instructors Kiyoshi Richoux, Kiyoshi Mohammed and other guests from Florida; Sensei Jose Diaz for sharing their knowledge with us.

If you missed this year’s camp, be sure to mark your calendars for next year: September 28-30 to October 1 2018.

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