Our Instructors

Chief Instructor

  • Hanshi Cyrus Madani, Hachidan

Head Instructor

  • Shihan Fariba Madani, Rokudan

Assistant Instructors

  • Sensei Brian Meyer, Godan
    I joined IMA in 1994 and have been teaching at the Honbu dojo and IMA’s Louisville Recreation Center classes since 1996. What I like best about IMA is the teaching of traditional karate and all of the new friends I’ve met over the years. I especially enjoy teaching our youth and watching their amazing growth over the years where I focus on making karate fun and challenging.
  • Sensei Michelle Prud’Homme, Godan
  • Sensei Bob McCormick, Godan
    I joined IMA Honbu dojo in 1996 and began teaching in 1997 while an orange belt. I liked IMA because when I first visited I could see the family atmosphere, but also (and maybe more importantly) the very high level at which karate-do was being practiced. I had trained in martial arts before and I knew high quality when I saw it. In learning karate the most important thing is to always try as hard as you can, karate is challenging. In teaching karate I try to find one or two things to focus on, for example one or two things as the focus for a section of a class; or if I am teaching one-on-one to focus on the one or two most important things for that person to improve their karate. Sometimes it is as simple as telling them to not look at the floor, which completely changes their posture and fixes several other problems they were having.
  • Sensei Odile Lynch, Yondan
  • Sensei Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Yondan
  • Senpai Irina Petropavlovskikh, Nidan
  • Senpai Parker Smagac, Nidan
  • Senpai Kamran Madani, Nidan
  • Senpai David Miller, Nidan-Ho
  • Senpai Dasha Petropavlovskikh, Nidan-Ho
  • Senpai Keith Nakasato, Nidan-Ho
  • Kohai Kelara Madani, Shodan
  • Kohai Miriam Rosenshein

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