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May 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M I would like to congratulate all the competitors who competed in the Rocky Mountain Championship (IMA World Championship) on May 4, 2014, from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin, and from other countries, El Salvador and Venezuela. I am honored and proud to congratulate Mr. Patrick Richoux for being awarded 7th dan, the first in our IMA history, as well as the title of “Kyoshi”. Kyoshi Richoux has over 45 years of martial arts … more »

April 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M This has been a very busy month for us. It started off with two tournaments (March 2): IMA Goshin-Ryu’s New York International Open Championship, where I served as Chief Referee, and the Arizona Championship in Phoenix, where Shihan Madani served as Chief Referee and presented a referee course with certification. The following weekend (March 8) we had one of the largest Honbu dojo kyu testing since 2005. Click this link to download the full PDF version of the April 2014 newsletter.

March 2014 Newsletter

Please join me in congratulating David Muhammad from IMA Integrity Martial Arts Academy in Missouri, and Maya Wasowicz and Manny Tavares from IMA Goshin-ryu in New York, who made it to the US National team and qualified for the North American Cup in Canada and the Senior Pan American Championship in Venezuela. These three individuals were training very hard to make the US team for several months. I was very proud to see them competing in team trials in Chicago on February 9th. Double congratulations go out to Maya for qualifying in two divisions (+68 kg and Open). In addition, Kamran Madani has been invited to compete in the 16-17, … more »

February 2014 Newsletter

I am very proud to congratulate the 33 karate-ka from Colorado, Utah, New York and Missouri who tested on January 25th for Jr. black belt to sixth degree black belt. It was an awesome dan testing with a lot of hard work and a huge celebration at night. I would like to wish all of you the best of health and continued success in the future (See the pictures on the following pages). Also, I would like to remind the IMA family and our colleagues about the IMA World Championship from May 3 to 4. As always we will have … more »

January 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year! May we all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. 2013 was an excellent year for our IMA organization with several successful events and our competition team bringing home several medals from national, international and Pan American tournaments. We had a very nice turn out for our Unity Tournament and special elite training in December. Participants came from six different states: Florida, Indiana, Kansas, New York, Utah and Colorado. In addition, we were especially delighted to have Younes Belrhouzal, special international elite competitor from France in attendance. I am very proud of these participants and look forward to … more »