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January 2015 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M Happy New Year! May we all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. We have a very exciting year ahead of us filled with new events and programs. 2014 was an excellent year for the IMA organization with our annual camp and several successful championships in Colorado, New York, Utah, Nepal, India and Iran. Also, for the first time in our organization we have several instructors who were promoted to high level ranks, including 6th and 7th Dan. I am very proud of our IMA competitors from USA and other countries who competed nationally/internationally and … more »

December 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M I would like to thank all of my friends and students who sent good wishes for my family and me for the Thanksgiving holidays. I am blessed to have such a great karate family, and hope all of you had a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday. The month of November was very busy for us. My wife and I had our annual trip to the World Championship for two weeks (see pictures on page 3). This year the world championship was in Bremen, Germany. Normally, in the world championship there is more than 100 countries … more »

November 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M Once again I would like to thank everybody who participated in our 20th anniversary of Gasshuku (camp). We had great instructors and many participants from 12 different states. I am looking forward to seeing everyone who may be reading this newsletter at the next Gasshuku on October 2-4, 2015. Information will be placed on our website at early in 2015. In the meantime, please mark your calendar for this very exciting and unique event. (More 2014 Gasshuku pictures on page 6). I would like to congratulate Shihan and Senpai McGavin (IMA North Fork) for … more »

October 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M The 20th Annual Rocky Mountain Gasshuku was a huge success for our karate family, with more participants as compared to last year. I am glad to be back to our original location, remembering all the good memories. We had a lot of fun with excellent instruction. Adding an extra group to our program was very helpful for our black belts 40+ years young. Each of our five groups had the privilege of learning from all five instructors. I would like to thank our students and instructors for making this 20th Annual Rocky Mountain Gasshuku extremely … more »

September 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M Summer is over and schools and universities have started for the year 2014-15. I would like to wish all of our students the best of success. I recommend that you keep up your training, because karate helps you to focus on your studying. Also, I would like congratulate our three athletes who participated in the Jr. Pan American Championship in Lima Peru: Ewan Albright, Kamran Madani and Kuba Wasowicz. They did an excellent job with many difficult matches. Congratulations to Kamran Madani for medaling in this championship (see page 3). Click this link to download … more »