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October 2013 Newsletter

A Note From Hanshi:  The 19th Annual Gasshuku was a lot of fun with excellent instruction. We had over one hundred participants from all over the United States. Thank you to all the instructors and students who participated. We learned a lot. I would also like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for sharing in my early 60th birthday celebration at the banquet dinner last Saturday. I was very emotional from the touching speeches given by my family, students and friends. Thank you to Sensei Marius and Sensei Amadou for inviting me to Utah to give my annual seminar. The seminar was full, … more »

September 2013 Newsletter

Welcome! We are very pleased to start our first IMA family worldwide newsletter. Through this newsletter, we will be able to keep all IMA clubs informed of general news, special events, tournaments, accolades and articles of interest from the Honbu dojo and IMA dojos around the world. All IMA clubs are welcome to submit articles and pictures to include in the newsletter. We can stay informed, network ideas, celebrate our triumphs and accomplishments, offer each other support and encouragement and keep in touch with our extended IMA family. As it always is and always should be, we will keep our … more »