News & Events: General Announcements

April belt testing

Dear IMA members/families, Thank you once again for being active and coming to your virtual classes. Please know that we miss you and look forward seeing you all in person soon. Please know that we understand that this is a financially difficult time for everyone so we would like to give everyone the choice of paying what is affordable for your family. If the full price of the test is too much, please let us know, no questions asked. As you noticed, this week we started our testing practice for those students who are scheduled to test. Due to special … more »

Thank you all/ Update

Dear IMA members/parents, Thank you so very much for a wonderful week! As most of you know by now, we started our virtual classes last week and had all positive feedback from everyone who reached out. Although for some young ones it might be something being hesitant about it, but believe or not it’s a lot of fun and awesome training. Please give it a shot. It is also fun to interact with each others over the screen and with our new development we now dividing the group by belt and assign them to work with different instructors. Our dojo … more »

IMA Fun Time!

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Tune-in for IMA Fun Time Mondays through Fridays 10:00-10:30 a.m. Dear IMA Family, The IMA Virtual Dojo is going strong! And…we have new daytime options for kids! First, we are now adding a fun time/story time option for kids at home from 10:00-10:30 Mondays through Fridays starting tomorrow Thursday, March 19th. Tune in to say hello to Sensei Madani, and senior instructors. We’ll check-in, play games, and read stories. Second, please join us during our regular training hours for classes. The Zoom IMA Virtual Dojo is turning out to be a great way for us to stay connected and keep … more »

Dojo is going virtual!

Dear IMA Family, As we mentioned in last week’s announcements, keeping our members and community safe is our top priority, so we wanted to share some new opportunities for you to stay connected and training in the time of social distancing. We have a big announcement for you! Social distancing, is proven to be the most effective way to stop this epidemic and it’s the only healthy option at this time. This is a time for IMA to show leadership and act decisively to prevent the virus from spreading. Starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the IMA Honbu Dojo is going … more »

Dojo remains open, On line training is on the way!

Dear IMA Family, Keeping you and our members safe is our top priority, so we wanted to share the steps we’re taking in response to coronavirus and school closure concerns. We’re keeping the dojo open and implementing measures to maintain a clean and healthy place to come and do your workout. We strongly believe that by continuing to provide a good workout in a clean environment, we help our community and help our members relieve stress and keep their bodies strong. Here’s what we’re doing: • First, we’ve ramped up cleaning efforts. The dojo is cleaned daily, now with additional … more »