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IMA Karate Annual Holiday Party Fun

IMA Karate’s Annual Holiday Party was held the evening of our Annual Unity Tournament. The day provides a great opportunity for all IMA parents and students to first bond in a friendly competition at the Dojo and then enjoy each others’ company later in the evening (without having to worry about blocking punches and kicks!) After enjoying the potluck dinner, speeches, games and a talent show, the Senseis, Sempais, Karate-Ka and parents got together – under the guidance of Keith and Tammy Nakasato – to work off some of the delicious holiday deserts: Please remember that the Dojo is closed … more »

Successful Karate Seminar at IMA Utah

hanshi madani at IMA Utah Seminar, April 2011

On April 1 and 2 of 2011, Hanshi Madani traveled to Utah to help celebrate the opening of IMA Utah’s new Dojo and to lead a special Shotokan Karate Seminar to students and instructors. Hanshi’s 2-day seminar focused on helping students learn how to generate maximum power and speed in karate techniques and how to develop explosive movements in both kata and kumite. After the seminar, there was a potluck picnic for all participants and everyone agreed that the seminar was a great success and a lot of fun.