April belt testing

Dear IMA members/families,
Thank you once again for being active and coming to your virtual classes. Please know that we miss you and look forward seeing you all in person soon.

Please know that we understand that this is a financially difficult time for everyone so we would like to give everyone the choice of paying what is affordable for your family. If the full price of the test is too much, please let us know, no questions asked.

As you noticed, this week we started our testing practice for those students who are scheduled to test. Due to special circumstances and a variety of belt levels that will be testing, we have decided to host the belt testing on two separate dates. The first being April 4th and the second being 18th

All belts white through purple are scheduled for April 4thand all blue belts and up for the 18th. We have put the higher belt levels on the later testing date to give them more time to prepare for the test. We will be doing this testing system to insure a quality experience for every student. This will give instructors the opportunity to supervise students more attentively. We are asking you to fill out the attached form and either drop it in the Dojo mailbox or email it back and we can process your payment with account information on file.

We will send a time line to everyone who will be testing and we will give you the option of picking up the belt/certificate at the dojo or we will deliver it to your door prior to the testing day. Please download the April Kyu testing or April Kyu testing format of the application.

Our goal is to keep our members motivated by pursuing the progress and keep training to build a strong mind and body!

Please feel free to contact us for any question or concern.
IMA staff

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